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A wide variety of themes and genres are represented on the website. These pictures are just snapshots of a much bigger collection, which you can find on the facebook page: www.facebook.com/iloveephoto

These are some of the comments received by E&E Photography visitors:

- “Excellent Work!” Anuj Khosla
- “I like framing, lighting and post processing of all photographs.” Kamal Hajiyev

If you have any feedback, please send us a note and it will appear on the website soon.

E&E Photography is determined to immortalize the most beautiful and exciting moments in your life by means of engraving the images on any preferred medium (digital, paper, fabric, wood, metal etc.). E&E Photography offers services in photographing events, parties, weddings, individual or group photos, modeling portfolio creation, maternity, boudoir and much more. Please contact for details.

The prices of the services depend on the type and the length of the project, but would usually fall within the following:

1. Portraits -
 Seating fee - $120 (includes an hour session, wardrobe and make up consultation, and a CD or cloud storage with copyrighted edited images*);
 Prints** –
Wallets (8 pack 2.5 x 3.5) - $4.28
Small paper print (4 x 6) - $4.21
Standard paper print (8 x 10) - $9.25
Medium standard paper print (10 x 15) - $14.88
Large paper print (16 x 20) - $24.64;
For additional sizes and products please see the catalog here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5DkGvgGO6TBemR3SUtpMXZNOFE

2. Events –
 Seating fee - $600 (includes a CD with copyrighted edited images);
 Prints are available at the prices indicated above.

The prices are subject to change, unless agreed upon and signed with a contract. Please like us on facebook to receive promotions and discounts: www.facebook.com/iloveephoto

© E&E Photography

* The CD will include all the images from the photo session. Five pictures will be fully retouched, while the rest will be just slightly modified with the basic adjustments (cropping, brightness, contrast and sharpness).
** The prints ordered from E&E Photography guarantee an outstanding quality with a consistent color gammut on archival paper. The copyright will be removed.